Choose your enclosed trailer options

Customize you Ideal Cargo trailer with our wide range of options!


Storage boxes

You have the opportunity to make your enclosed trailer a real tools carrier! We can build any kind box – generator box with sliding drawer, store-away, recessed compartment in the floor for spare wheel, storage space under the “DECK” for Gooseneck/Fifth wheel, and much more!

Trailer Colors

Ideal Cargo offers a variety of colors for your enclosed trailer.
Trailers can be delivered in plain color or in 2 tones.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The colors in this section are presented for information purposes only. Colors are subject to change. Please refer to the color samples available at the Ideal Cargo Dealer near you.

2 tones options


You have the opportunity to decide on your enclosed trailer interior finish. Multiple choices are available to you! Either veneer finish (standard), aluminium finish, glass finish, fibre finish for cold room, and much more!


You can decide on your enclosed trailer floor finish for whatever your needs. Several choices are offered to you! Single or double plywood plank, 2 “x 6” hard wood, completely waterproof floor, aluminium floor, checker plate floor, tile floor, and more!

Supports / Anchors

Ideal Cargo offers a variety of anchors to install either inside or outside of your enclosed trailer. Different anchors are available with different capacities. 2500 lbs to 6000lbs anchors can be installed on the floor. There are also different materials for all needs. Ladder support for the roof or on the side, motorcycle recessed rack in the floor or on the surface depending on the client’s use.


You can install a trailer vent on your Ideal Cargo trailer and we offer different models! Roof or side vents, electrical or not. This trailer vent cover replacement will allow you to change indoor air in warm temperatures or to let the gasoline fumes escape when you carry a motor vehicle!

Did you know ?

From 2008, in the United States, it is mandatory to have fans or air vents when one transports motor vehicles. So, if you plan a motorcycle trip or you want to carry your car in the United States in the future with your trailer, don’t forget this new law is active since 2008!


At Ideal Cargo, you have the ability to transform your enclosed trailer into a unique one to reflect your image! You can add a stainless steel rear framing or front stainless steel corners. You can choose from ten colors. We can increase the height of your trailer to 13′ 6″ overall. The front stone-guard can also be raised to give better protection to the front of your trailer when driving on gravel roads!



Your trailer door can be changed depending on your needs. At the rear, you can have a simple door or two barn doors. They may also be reduced on width depending on individual needs. For delivery trailers or other, you have the opportunity to install a Roll-up door. Also available, the side door can be changed to a RV style or concession doors

Locks and door handles

There are several types of locks for different use: compression lock, “flush lock” with key for greater security. There are also different types of handles for the ramp door with greater strength! All of these locks can customize your enclosed trailer!

Raised floors

Raised floors are designed for customers wanting a higher than normal floor or someone wanting to unload at the DOCK. This facilitates the delivery of different types of products! This is a very popular option for bread, chips, and specialty products delivery people!

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