Ideal Cargo trailer Classic Model

The Ideal Cargo trailer, Classic Model, is the first model manufactured by the manufacturer in Quebec. It is the pioneer of a series of Ideal Cargo trailers for different needs. The Classic enclosed trailer distinguishes itself from the competition by the quality of its manufacture and its components. It is our most versatile trailer because it can be manufactured according to the needs of consumers whether it is for commercial or recreational use.

All Ideal Cargo trailers can be customized and adjusted according to the needs of our customers. Our customers are very diversified, so we can manufacture enclosed trailers tailor-made to their request. There is also a multitude of trailers options available to meet the needs of consumers either structural or stabilizer poles, internal or external finish, media and fasteners, windows, fans, doors, chests, electricity, etc.

As a Canadian manufacturer of high-quality enclosed trailers, Ideal Cargo is eager to produce fully galvanized trailers designed to withstand the rigours of the North American climate.

Technologie Duracore

A Ideal Cargo trailer that stands up
to time

Ideal Uses:
> Car Hauler Trailer
> Bike Trailer
> Ski-doo sled Trailer
> Construction Trailer or Renovation Trailer
> Commercial Trailer: bread route, companies that sell doors and windows, mobile workshop trailer, canteen, landscape trailer, trailer for plumbers, trailers for the national defence, trailer for public works, environment trailers, etc.
> Others

Classic Model – Ideal Cargo Trailer Characteristics

  • Leaf axle (optional torsion)
  • Fully hot-dipped galvanized structure
  • High-quality radial tires
  • Zinc Steel Hardware (aluminum available as an option)
  • Galvanized steel wheels
  • Pre-painted, glued exterior aluminum sheet
  • Chromed center cap
  • One-piece jointless aluminum roof in models 5, 6 and 7 feet wide up to 18 feet in length (there are joints in 8 and 8.5 feet wide models)
  • 3/8″ plywood walls
  • Waterproofed, sealed floor made of 3/4″ treated plywood
  • LED exterior lights
  • Luxury exterior cladding and mouldings
  • Monohull fibreglass front roof crown
  • Trailer protected by a marking system
  • Aluminum doorstop
  • Duracore technology unique to Ideal Cargo

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