Enclosed Trailer Revolution Model

Ideal Cargo is a manufacturer of high-quality enclosed trailers. The Revolution model, an enclosed trailer for heavy duty, is very popular for customers who are looking for race car trailer, automobile trailer, motorcycle trailer or for many kinds of sports activities, for example, for business owners and recreational event organizers enthusiasts. This commercial quality closed trailer is characterized by its strength, its aesthetics and its flat roof that can be made sufficiently strong to allow the user to walk on it. This enclosed trailer comes from the manufacturer with a finish superior to any other enclosed trailers on the market. The corners are stainless steel, polished and have a 4’’ roof moulding and like all of our other models, the frame of the trailer is fully galvanized. The Revolution enclosed trailer is also greatly appreciated by furniture stores, antique shops and moving companies.

Our Canadian made trailers are perfect for this type of need because of their strength. All of our enclosed trailers can be customized and adjusted according to our customers’ needs. To meet our customers’ many needs, we offer more than 300 options like the stabilizer poles, finishing internal or external, windows, fans, doors, chests, electricity, etc.

As a Canadian manufacturer of high-quality enclosed trailers, Ideal Cargo is eager to produce fully galvanized trailers designed to withstand the rigours of the North American climate.

Modèle de remorque Révolution - Idéal Cargo
Technologie Duracore

An enclosed trailer
designed for heavy works

Ideal Uses:
> Automobile trailer
> Motorcycle trailer
> Race car trailer
> ATV trailer
> Commercial trailer
> Others

Revolution Model – Enclosed Trailer Characteristics

  • Leaf axle (optional torsion)
  • Zinc Steel Hardware (aluminum available as an option)
  • High-quality radial tires
  • Galvanized steel wheels
  • Pre-painted, glued exterior aluminum sheet
  • Chromed center cap
  • 3/8″ plywood wall
  • Waterproofed, sealed floor made of 3/4″ plywood
  • LED exterior lights
  • Aluminum door locks and hinges
  • Stainless steel head
  • Stainless left and right corners
  • Polished aluminum upper corners and stainless centre
  • Enclosed trailer protected by a marking system
  • Aluminum doorstop
  • Duracore technology unique to Ideal Cargo

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