Ideal Cargo, Trailers Manufacturer in Quebec

The expertise in manufacturing enclosed trailers

The Trailers Manufacturer

Being alert to the needs of consumers and having a vast expertise in enclosed trailers in the North American market, Ideal Cargo, your Trailers Manufacturer in Quebec and Canada, is unsurpassed by its ability to innovate whether at the manufacture level or in the “design” of the trailers.

Since the trailers manufactured in Quebec are in constant improvement and evolution to ensure the customer’s satisfaction, we find great importance in the management of our human resources, and especially in their motivation and involvement in the achievement of business objectives.

The Manufacturer in Quebec History

Our manufacturing facility situated in the heart of the province of Quebec, in St-Valère, began operations in 1999. Ideal Cargo Inc. is one the largest high quality customised enclosed trailer manufacturers in Quebec, eastern Canada. Our trailers are in continuous development. More and more customers are seeking our high quality and reliable cargo trailer. A leader among the enclosed trailer manufacturers, Ideal Cargo Inc. has the expertise in research and development to guarantee its customers constant trailers design improvement and innovation.

The retail sale of our trailers is made through a dealer network.

Our daily objective and desire is to fully satisfy our customers’ needs. Our commitment towards our loyal customers is exceeded only by our will to keep our promises..


I am proud of this trailer made in Quebec! Congratulation!
Paul Merrier, Montréal

It is my 4th trailer and my Ideal Cargo is the one I love the most! Be reassured that my next one will be an Ideal Cargo!
Gilbert Langlais, Québec

Everything is perfect! I love my trailer! Thank you!
Michel Sakel, Montréal


Custom manufacturing caught my attention,
as well as product quality and service.
Nice company and great team.
Dominique Lapierre, Sainte-Julie

The retailer advised me to visit the plant in St-Valere.
The quality of work done at the factory persuaded me to buy.
Marcel Fradette, Trois-Rivières

Warranties honoured